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Contest Paling Terbaik Bulan Ini!
- Join Lucky Draw Faqihah And NHA -
- Contest Aquapix Lomo by Mira Hussin -

Click banner?

 ♥ RULES♥ 
1. Lucky Star Draw only valid for POLARIS MEMOIRS followers and to all fans of Sexy Leader Choi Jong Hoon in Facebook ( non-followers and if you not a fan u would never have the chance to win . kekeke :D)
2. Open world wide. Even if you are not Malaysian, yes you may join.
3. Lucky Draw start from 7th March and ended on 27th March 2012.

1. For blogger, make an entry in your blog with title POLARIS MEMOIRS ♥ I'M THE LUCKY STAR [LUCKY DRAW] ♥. Then, copy banner,rules,steps to join and prizes in your entry. Link this post's URL to banner. After successfully publish your entry, leave your comment under this post and put your entry's URL. So, I will know you join this lucky draw. Then, tag 2 of your blogger's friend to join. 
2. For fans of Jong Hoon's page, leave comment "CJH I'M THE LUCKY STAR" under a post in that page's wall. Open page and you can see a post of LUCKY STAR. comment under the post only. 
3. [Optional] Like my business page My Treasure Paradise in Facebook and MY FTIsland which is Malaysian Primadonna official page


7th : Special Gift!



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